More than just affordable, you will find that other descriptors apply to our developments. The two we are most proud of —“green” and “community driven”— guide each decision we make along the planning process. Sustainable Housing Solutions is committed to setting the new standard for affordable housing. By providing key supportive services in a community of energy efficient homes, residents have easy access to the tools they need to succeed.

Our developments are governed by the goal of sustainability:

Physical Sustainability

Each development is designed to be energy efficient, which translates to lower utility bills for our residents. We believe that individuals should never have to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families. We also incorporate environmentally friendly building materials into each of our developments, resulting in thoughtful construction that delivers lasting value.

Social Sustainability

Through community partnerships, our developments offer more than shelter. While each development is different, we strive to incorporate onsite access to life enhancing programs that aid residents with budgeting, saving, childcare and nutrition, as well as meeting continuing education goals.